30 Days of Journaling!

Self-paced journaling for you to use how and when you want!

Experience the power of journaling in your own time and in your own way!

Whether you are new to journaling, a dabbler or guru journaler extraordinaire, sometimes we need an extra bit of inspiration to get the thoughts flowing.

Plus, you may have something you don't want to acknowledge (but know you need to) so don't ask yourself the questions needed to unlock that valuable information you're holding inside.  That nugget of gold you need to be aware of so you can use this knowledge to accept, release and move forward from a situation.

With this in mind, I am creating a range of 30 Days of Journaling just for you!

Each 30 Days of Journaling topic will include - 

* A minimum of one journal prompt emailed to you each day

* An affirmation each day

* A motivational, thought provoking quotation each day

* Tips for journaling

All designed for you to use in your own time, in your own way and to get you thinking!

Use your journal on a journey of self-discovery and learn who you are to boost your self-love. Uncover valuable information so you can accept and love yourself unconditionally.

Use your journal to determine exactly what sort of mindset you have and how this is affecting you.  Uncover what needs to change for you to live your life as happily as you choose.

Use your journal to support your weight loss journey.  I'll ask the questions designed to help raise your awareness on your thoughts, beliefs and emotions surrounding your weight loss.

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"I had a lovely cuppa in the garden whilst starting with my first prompt. It's already pinged something!"