Find Your Vibe Business Club


Find your vibe and see your business thrive with this incredible community of support to boost your business success! 

For business owners who are ready to dig deep, uncover what is really holding them back, working through it and moving forward in the best way for them.

Not suitable for anyone wanting the answers to be given to them! You are MORE than capable of working out what is best for you and your business, sometimes we just need someone to ask the right questions to get you moving!

Why join Find Your Vibe Business Club?


Whether you are journaling for personal or professional reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a regular habit.  But - it's the consistency of journaling that really brings you the most benefits and often the one thing you drop when you're busy running a business.  

The Find Your Vibe Business Club will help keep you focused in a positive journal routine - regularly reviewing your business, your mindset and progress to keep you on the path to success!

What's included in Find Your Vibe Business Club Membership?

It's so much more than journaling!

A different topic each month designed to help you focus on all areas of your business to support business growth - no avoidance of the boring stuff!

Daily prompts - linked to the topic each month and designed to explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on the topic.  What needs your attention?

2x "Get Cracking" 1 hour group workshops a month. These are designed for you to take action each month on the topic. Beat procrastination!

Access to your own membership site which includes a library full of journaling info, pre-recorded prompts and workshops, past recordings of masterclasses.

Launch Pad - monthly opportunities to test out a new idea, workshop, masterclass or anything else.

Monthly Content Creation session.  Brainstorm ideas as a group for marketing content for your business.

Access to a members only Facebook group. Be part of a fabulous group for daily support for you and your business.

Opportunity to become a The Journal Vibe affiliate and earn rewards when you recommend new members to the Club

Crack On With It! Sessions.  Minimum of 7 a week, informal co-working sessions for you to crack on and get stuff done, with an opportunity at the end if you need any help



per month!

Plus receive bonus "Goal Setting for Your Business" Journal Prompts when you join!


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Group Mastermind Brainstorm Session once a month.  Come together as a community to help each other with ideas, support for anything that comes up from your journaling and chat!

What my members say...

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